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Victoria’s Secret Model Discovered at a Gap

Millions of people have dreams of becoming an actress or a model. But, one brunette Victoria Secret's model was discovered while shopping at GAP. According to a report by the NYPost, Megan Puleri was discovered...
Project Casting

10 Victoria’s Secret Models Without Make Up

Here's what Victoria's Secret models look like without make up. Last night was the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show and after a long casting process and auditions for over 500 aspiring models, VS finally showed...
Project Casting

Models Quit Victoria’s Secret After Low Pay

Models are allegedly quitting Victoria's Secret over crappy pay Beyond all of the glitz and glamour, Victoria's Secret models are pretty upset that they aren't getting paid fairly. Most recently, Karlie Koss and Doutzen Kroes have...
Project Casting

How to Become a Model for Victoria’s Secret [VIDEO]

Learn how to become a model for Victoria's Secret Have you ever wanted to become a runway model for Victoria Secret? Have you ever wanted to have your picture featured in over 375 million catalogs...

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