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FX Cancels TWO TV Shows in One Week

FX cancels Denis Leary's comedy series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll and Tyrant. Following the success of Atlanta, it looks as though FX is cleaning up shop to make room for new and original programming. According to reports, Denis Leary's comedy series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll was canceled after 2...
Project Casting

FX’s ‘Tyrant’ Production Leaves Israel Due to Gaza Violence

FX's 'Tyrant' moves production from Israel to Turkey due to Gaza violence. We recently reported how the ongoing fight between Israel and Gaza has caused problems for FX's new TV show 'Tyrant' but it looks...
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US TV Shows Filming in Israel in Jeopardy After Rocket Attacks

US TV productions filming in Israel are in jeopardy after rocket attacks. Military actions in Israel region has forced several productions to evacuate to keep production crews safe. On Tuesday, the Israeli Defense Forces launched Operation...

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