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Tyler Perry Casting Calls

Tyler Perry to Restart Production in Atlanta on July 8th

Tyler Perry will resume production on two shows starting this July in Atlanta, Georgia following the Coronavirus shutdown. Several weeks ago, Tyler Perry was one of the first Hollywood producers to create a plan to...
Tyler Perry

Looking for a Job? Tyler Perry Studios is Now Hiring

Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry Studios is now hiring a ton of jobs in Atlanta, Georgia. Have you ever wanted to work with Tyler Perry? Do you want to see what goes on behind the scenes...
Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Studios Hairstylist Dies from Coronavirus Complications

Tyler Perry mourned the death of celebrity hairstylist Mr. Charles Gregory. On Wednesday, Perry revealed, Gregory died from complications for COVID-19. “ The man was warm, loving and hilarious. We all loved to see him...
Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry Pays Grocery Bills for Seniors Across Multiple States

Amid the Coronavirus, Tyler Perry pays the grocery bills for senior citizens across Georgia and Louisiana. Tyler Perry is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and actor. But, despite his popularity, he is never afraid to give back. According...
Tyler Perry Casting Calls

Tyler Perry Shares Amazing Advice On How to Survive Hollywood [VIDEO]

Tyler Perry shares excellent advice to actors, producers, and filmmakers on how to make your way in Hollywood. How Tyler Perry transformed himself into an international success is a fantastic story. Living on the streets...
Project Castingvideo

Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ Season 2 Open Casting Calls

Tyler Perry's The Oval season 2 is now casting and hiring actors in Atlanta, Georgia. Tyler Perry's casting directors are now hiring actors, models, and talent to work on scenes of 'Oval' Season 2, which...

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