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Project Casting

FX “The Bridge” TV Pilot Casting Call

FX is currently preparing for a new TV series "The Bridge" and they are currently casting actors for various scenes, and opportunities are available as soon as tomorrow. If you are interested in being a...
Project Casting

Network Television TV Pilot Now Casting Talent

It is often heard that the best time to join a pilot as an extra is during the first pilot episode. Because, often times characters are still being developed, and you are more likely...
Project Casting

MTV’s “Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous” (Comedy) TV Pilot

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous (Comedy, MTV) After completing high school Zach Stone hires a camera crew in order to become famous by acting like he is famous. Starring Bo Burnham. Casting: Wendy O'Brien,...
Project Casting

NBC “Hannibal” TV Pilot

Hannibal  is a new Drama on NBC. It is centered on an FBI agent who seeks the help from a popular, and upstanding psychiatrist who is secretly a serial killer. It was developed for...

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