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10 Banned Episodes From Popular Kids Shows (VIDEOS)

Here are 10 famous kids shows that had their episodes banned. Recently The Richest shared the top 10 episodes from children TV shows and cartoons that were not allowed to be aired on television. Kids shows...
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17 Actors and Their First On Screen Appearances

Here are 17 actors and their first on screen appearances in movies and television. Every actor has to start somewhere. Many A-list actors also had humble beginnings with small roles, one-liners, and even background extra...
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One Thing You Probably Never Noticed But is in Every Disney Movie

There is one hidden secret in every Disney Animated movie that you probably never noticed. It is only 4 characters long but has been in well over 20 Disney animated movies. It is A113. So, what...
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Every Cast Member of ‘Orange is the New Black’ Appeared on ‘Law and Order’

Every Character from 'Orange is the New Black' has been on 'Law and Order' In the 1990s, Law and Order was one of the biggest shows on television. It was watched by millions and loved...
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10 Interesting TV Facts You Did Not Know

Nielsen has just released their annual report on the State of the Media and some of the statistics are shocking. The report analyzes and crunches the numbers for how much television the average person watches...
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This is Probably the Worst Movie Set Ever

In the 1950's John Wayne was on fire. Wayne was one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood and producers wanted to use him for almost every movie. One of the biggest movies he...
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Tom Cruise a Former Priest? 45 Random Facts about Famous Entertainers

It is amazing how the entertainment industry works. Somehow the stars align and certain individuals become famous, and are world known for their acting talent or their disorderly conduct. But what is interesting to note...

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