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Why ‘Toy Story 4’ Will Be a Romantic Comedy

Pixar's Animation Studios sequel, 'Toy Story 4' plot will be a standalone romantic comedy movie. Back in 2013, Pixar Animation Studios Presiden Edwin Catmull announced that the studio will try to release "an original film...
Project Casting

‘Toy Story 4’ Will Be a Romantic Comedy

'Toy Story 4' will not follow the last film's story and will tell a brand new story. Many people thought the Toy Story 3 was a perfect trilogy. But, last year it was leaked that...
Project Casting

‘Toy Story 4’ is Coming Soon to Theaters in 2017

Disney announces 'Toy Story 4' is currently in pre-production and in development for 2017. Even though Toy Story 3 had a near perfect ending for a blockbuster franchise, Disney's announced yesterday that Toy Story 4 is currently...

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