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Project Casting

$2000 Commercial Casting Call for Boxers and Trainers in Toronto Canada

Casting directors are now seeking real male boxers and real male trainers for an upcoming commercial filming in Toronto, Canada. Morgan Casting is currently seeking male boxers between 25 to 40 years old and male...
Project Casting

Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford Get’s His Own Reality Show

Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto Canada will be getting his own reality show!”  Hard to imagine, but it's happening! Reports the Toronto Sun: If you have loved or even hated the Ford Show so far, stay tuned...
Project Casting

PS4 Casting Call for Cosplayers in Toronto, Ontario

Casting directors are seeking Real COSPLAYERS for an upcoming Playstation Live Event in Toronto, Ontario. Morgan Casting posted the following casting Call on their Facebook Page: Morgan Casting is seeking THE REAL DEAL!We are looking for...
Project Casting

$3000 Toronto Canada Commercial Casting Call for Asian Male Talent

Casting directors are now seeking Japanese or Asian talent for an upcoming Commercial filming in Toronto, Canada. Casting directors are seeking an asian talent between their 20s to 30s that is also handsome, good looking,...
Project Casting

$2,000 Toronto Canada Casting Call for Major Rental Car Company Commercial

Casting directors are currently seeking talent to work on an upcoming rental car commercial filming in Toronto, Canada. Morgan Casting recently posted a casting call seeking talents to work on a Major Rental Car Company...
Project Casting

TV Movie Starring Whoopi Goldberg and Ving Rhames Casting Call in Toronto, Canada

Morgan Casting is currently casting actors for an upcoming TV Moving being shot in Toronto, Canada. Morgan Casting posted a casting call on their Facebook page seeking actors to work on an upcoming feature film. The...

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