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TMZ is Now Hiring People to Work From Home

Are you looking for a job? TMZ is hiring. Love them or hate them, TMZ is a force in the film industry. The Warner Bros. owned company provides the inside stories behind Hollywood's biggest celebrities,...

TMZ is Now Hiring Filmmakers

TMZ is now hiring post-production assistants to join the popular Celebrity news company in Los Angeles, California. TMZ is described as the place where celebrities "work, live, and play and takes its audience into a...
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‘Digital Dirt’: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About TMZ

A new TMZ exposé by the New Yorker reveals the deepest darkest secrets surrounding the celebrity gossip website. The New Yorker published its highly anticipated exposé into TMZ on Monday, and the investigative report gives the...
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Jared Leto Sues TMZ Over Taylor Swift F-Bomb Video

Jared Leto is suing TMZ over "stolen" video featuring the actor cursing Taylor Swift. According to the lawsuit, TMZ promised a $2000 payment, but then was warned the company never had rights to the footage,...
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Donald Sterling Sues V. Stiviano and TMZ

Donald Sterling is suing TMZ over the V. Stiviano audio leak. The former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has filed a lawsuit against TMZ and V. Stiviano over the leak of a phone conversation...
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Taylor Swift Hacked!? Hacker Tries to Sell Nudes to TMZ

Hacker, Veri is now claiming he has hundreds of private messages and nude photos of pop singer, Taylor Swift. Earlier this week, Taylor Swift's official Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked and taken over by...

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