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How to Raise Your Kid to Become a Successful Child Actor

Here are two major tips parents should know to raise a successful child actor in the television and film industry. Show business is an amazing interesting industry for kids. The entertainment and film industry offers...
Project Casting

Doctors Say Teens Start School Too Early

Study Says Teens Start School Too Damn Early According to a recent study, doctors are saying teenagers are starting school too early in the morning. Tons of tired teens of America are dragging themselves out of...
Project Casting

Director Ron Howard Shares Amazing Advice for Filmmakers [Video]

The Tribeca Film Festival was announced today and Director Ron Howard gave away some amazing filmmaking tips. The Tribeca Film Festival is ramping up production and accepting submissions for features, shorts and new media projects....
Project Casting

Do You Need a Modeling Portfolio?

Modeling Portfolio - What is it? A modeling portfolio is a collection of your modeling pictures. How many photos you need in your modeling portfolio varies. But, you should only keep strong pictures, remember, you...

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