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Acting Tip: How to Make Your Character ‘Come Alive’ and Stand Out

Millions watched 'Breaking Bad' and fell in love with Bryan Cranston's character in the TV series. But, how does an actor make a character come alive and stand out? That is an important question. The answer...

How to Become an Actor for TV Shows and Movies

Do you want to learn how to become an actor? Here are some basic tips you should know to learn how to become an actor in Hollywood's film industry. Acting can be one of the...
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Doctors Say Teens Start School Too Early

Study Says Teens Start School Too Damn Early According to a recent study, doctors are saying teenagers are starting school too early in the morning. Tons of tired teens of America are dragging themselves out of...
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Shia LaBeouf’s Audition for Broadway is Incredible [VIDEO]

Shia LaBeouf Auditions for the lead role in "Orphans" Last year Shia Labeouf was one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. He was cast as one of the lead actors in the broadway play "Orphans" alongside...
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Michael Clarke Duncan’s Audition ‘The Green Mile’ [VIDEO]

Michael Clarke Duncan does an amazing performance in his audition for 'The Green Mile'. In a video posted by Warner Bros. Michael Clarke Duncan goes through lines with Tom Hanks. 'The Green Mile' centers on the...

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