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3 Things You Need to Do to Prepare for a Talent Agency Interview

Looking for a Talent Agent? Three things you should do before interviewing and signing with a Talent Agency. Are you in the process of looking for a talent agent? Finding the right talent agent can...
Project Casting

Four Tips You Should Be Using When Filming a Video Audition

Shooting a video audition? Here are four tips you should be using to increase your chances of getting a callback. Video auditions are not just to see if they want to bring you in for...
Project Casting

Robert De Niro Shares One Minute of Amazing Acting Advice

Robert De Niro shares one minute of brilliant acting advice. Robert De Niro has amazing acting abilities. He has the ability to be tough as he showed in Heat, The Godfather II, and Once Upon a Time...
Project Casting

Tom Hanks Shares Inspiring Acting Advice [VIDEO]

Tom Hanks shares valuable acting advice in this quick video Acting is never easy and is not a job you can do without training and practice. In this competitive industry it is always beneficial to...
Project Casting

Bryan Cranston Shares Valuable Auditioning Tips [VIDEO]

Award Winning actor Bryan Cranston shares audition tips in this amazing interview. Bryan Cranston has been in the industry for a long time. You can remember him working on Malcolm in the Middle as a...
Project Casting

3 Ways Writing a Journal Can Make You a Better Actor

Three ways writing a journal makes you a better actor The benefits of journaling have been studied in the past, but a recent study shows that 15 minutes of reflection at the end of the...
Project Casting

Should You Put Extra Work on Your Job Resume?

Working as a background extra, you can fill up your resume pretty quickly. The length of a background actor's employment on a production largely depends on the needs of the director and the scene(s) being...
Project Casting

3 Things You Should Do After Having an Audition

Continue to apply for roles after having a great audition it will keep your spirit up. If you have a good audition with a casting director, it's pretty easy to wait and sit back for their...

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Netflix’s ‘Plus/Minus’ Starring Lili Reinhart is Now Casting

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