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‘X-Files’ Season 11 To Start Filming this Summer

I have great news for X-files fans – there will be more episodes coming soon. According to Deadline, boxes picked up 10 episodes of the X-Files to start production this summer. This will be the...
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David Duchovny Breaks Down Crying After Reading New ‘X-Files’ Script

David Duchovny cried tears of joy after reading the 'X-Files' reboot script. David Duchovny's acting career is on a role. He recently finished filming seven seasons of 'Californiacation.' Duchovny also fulfilled a life-long dream recording...
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‘The X-Files’ Will Film in Vancouver, Canada

'The X-Files' is coming back to TV and according to reports, the new season will film in Vancouver, Canada. In an interview with CTV, actor William B. Davis, who played the Smoking Man in the...
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The X-Files Season 6 To Start Filming This Summer

The new season of The X-Files could start shooting as early as this summer. According to reports, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have greed for a new sixth season of 'The X-Files'. Earlier this year, Fox...

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