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How Scam Modeling Agencies Rip Off Models

Modeling agencies rip off models by giving out loans, taking commissions and charging for expenses. A new CNNMoney investigation is breaking down the doors and revealing how modeling agencies and model management companies earn millions...

Major Atlanta Talent Agency is Now Seeking New Talent

Jana VanDyke Agency is looking for new Atlanta talent. Are you looking for a new agent? If so, we have good news for you. Jana VanDyke, one of the biggest talent agencies in the Southeast...
Project Casting

Looking for a Job? Major Atlanta Talent Agency is Now Hiring

J Pervis Talent Agency is now hiring interns in Atlanta, Georgia. Are you looking for a job in the film industry? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a talent agent? Well one of the biggest,...
Project Casting

Cindy Kimberly: Justin Bieber’s Instagram Crush is Now a Model

Spanish 17-year-old who was made famous when Justin Bieber posted her photo, saying "OMG who is this?" quits her babysitting job to sign a major deal with a modeling agency. Cindy Kimberly, 17, earned barely...
Project Casting

Major Chicago Talent Agency is Moving to Atlanta

Gill Hayes Talent agency is expanding their offices to Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia's film industry is booming which means more and more TV shows and movies are filming in Atlanta, Savannah and surrounding cities. With the...

Major Modeling Agency Open Casting Call for New Talent in Dallas

Modeling agency open casting call for new talent in Dallas, Texas. The Dragonfly Agency is holding their second open casting call of the year on Wednesday, February 2nd in Dallas, Texas. The Dragonfly Agency is a...

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