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Why Viola Davis Nearly Pepper Sprayed Jared Leto

Did you know Viola Davis nearly pepper sprayed Jared Leto on set of 'Suicide Squad'? There are several different types of acting techniques. One of the most popular and most controversial acting techniques is the method...
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‘Suicide Squad’ Is Only Rated PG-13

Suicide Squad is rated PG-13. Surprised? When reports surfaced that Jared Leto sent cast members dead pigs, used condoms, and purposefully scared complete strangers, I quickly assumed Suicide Squad was going to push the limits and be...
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Test Screening Audience Love the New ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie

Early test screening audience love the new Suicide Squad movie. Related: Jared Leto Met With Psychopaths for ‘Suicide Squad’ To Get Into Character Marvel is dominating the Box Office, and while Batman v. Superman: The Dawn of Justice didn't live up...
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Jared Leto Practiced His Joker Laugh on Strangers [VIDEO]

Jared Leto tried out his joker laugh on strangers. David Ayer's Suicide Squad is probably known more for Jared Leto's method acting quirks than the actual plot of the movie. And as we draw closer and closer to...
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Jared Leto Met With Psychopaths for ‘Suicide Squad’ To Get Into Character

Jared Leto revealed he met with psychopaths in order to get into character for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Suicide Squad actor Jared Leto revealed his acting technique by becoming a method actor. But, in order to prepare...
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Jared Leto Sent ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Used Condoms

Jared Leto sent the cast of Suicide Squad used condoms and "anal beads" Jared Leto was reported to have done some off-the-wall things on set of Suicide Squad, including making the director David Ayer hire a therapist to...

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