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STUDY: Memes are Now More Popular Than Jesus

Apparently, memes are more popular than Jesus. In 1966, John Lennon gave an infamous interview to the London Evening Standard in which he argued that Christianity was on the decline and that the Beatles were currently more...
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Smart People Love Trashy Movies, Study Finds

Do you like bad movies? Are you excited for the next low-budget horror comedy? Well, you're probably really smart. According to science. Over the summer, Keyvan Sarkhosh, a film scholar and postdoctoral research fellow at the Max...
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20 Most Common Acting Jobs for Background Actors

Here are the most common acting jobs for background extras in TV shows and movies. Background extras are in nearly every TV show, movie or commercial. You may or may not recognize them but, they are...
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STUDY: Women in Movies STILL Speak Less and Strip More

New research into on-screen diversity shows very little to no progress, counting 31% of characters in 2015's biggest movies as female, 26.3 percent non-white and less than 1% LGBT. The study, by the Media, Diversity...
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Harvard Researchers Can Tell If You’re Depressed Just By Looking At Your Instagram Photos

MIT engineers have created an algorithm that can tell if you're depressed just by looking at your Instagram photos. Andrew Reece at Harvard University and Chris Danforth at the University of Vermont published a paper...
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STUDY: Men Who Use Tinder Have Lower Self-Esteem

Researchers say guys who use Tinder have lower self-esteem. Apparently looking for love on the dating app Tinder is not good for your self-esteem, and a new study has found evidence that it particularly affects...

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