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Actors Have Different Brain Activity When in Character (STUDY)

Actors show different brain activity when in character, according to a new study Researchers now claim actors show different brain activity depending on whether they are in character or not. Dr. Steven Brown, the author...
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STUDY: California’s Film Industry Can Not Compete with Georgia

A new study suggests California filming incentives are not enough to compete with other states and countries. According to a new report by the Los Angeles Times, California taxpayers pay out $330 million each...
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94% of Women in Hollywood Experienced Sexual Harassment or Assault, Study Finds

A new survey conducted by USA Today has found that 94% of women in Hollywood have experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault. The survey was conducted in association with the Creative Coalition and...
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Christmas Music May Be Bad For Your Mental Health, Psychologists Say

New research shows Christmas music can be bad for your mental health. As early as October, retail stores start playing Christmas music to get you in the holiday and spending spirit. In fact, research...
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Male Models Earn 75% Less Than Women, Study Finds

A new study has shed light on the modeling industry. According to a new report, female models earn 75% more than their male counterparts. In fact, women make up 9 of the top 10...
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Georgia is Now the Number One Filming Location in the World for Movies

According to a new report by FilmL.A, 17 feature films shot in Georgia in 2016, beating California as the top location for feature film production and making it the number one filming location in...

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