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Aspiring Actor Drops Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against X-Men Director

The lawsuit against X-Men director, Bryan Singer is Dismissed. Michael Egan's lawsuit against X-Men director Bryan Singer was dismissed on Wednesday, because the plaintiff was unable to find a lawyer willing to take the case...

New Teen Accuses Bryan Singer of Using a Bodyguard To Force Him into Sex

If you presumed that this Bryan Singer case was over well you are wrong. Things just got weirder and nastier. After an initial accuser stepped out of the shadows to alleged that the X-Men director...
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Bryan Singer Accuser Names Three Hollywood Execs in New Sex Abuse Lawsuit

The lawyer representing the man accusing Bryan Singer of sexual abuse, announced on Monday that he has filed three more sex abuse lawsuits against three producers and TV executives. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeff...
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‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Accused of Rape and Sexual Abusing a Teenage Boy

The director of X-Men, Bryan Singer is in hot water after a federal lawsuit claims he abused a 17 year old boy in Los Angeles and Hawaii where firearms, drugs and alcohol were present. According to The...

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