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SAG-AFTRA Issues a ‘DO NOT WORK’ Notice For Several TruTV Shows

Actors' Union, SAG-AFTRA, issues a "do not work" notice for several TruTV series Sag has issued a do not work notice for several TruTV network TV series. According to their Website, they are telling all union actors...
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Actors’ Union Warns Actors About Casting Workshop “Scams”

SAG-AFTRA warns actors about casting workshop "scams" Casting workshops that charge actors to be seen by casting directors are considered a "scam," according to the SAG-AFTRA, and may be against the California law that bans...
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Actors’ Union Calls for Investigation into Video Game Industry

SAG-AFTRA is looking for an open investigation into the video game industry. The national executive director of the SAG-AFTRA actor's guild, David White, published an open letter to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health...

The Easiest Way to Join SAG-AFTRA

Here's how you can join the SAG-AFTRA - the union for actors. Do you want to become a successful actor? Well, according to a recent interview with SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris, one of the best...
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Why Actors Are About to Make A Lot More Money

New SAG-AFTRA commercial deal will make actors a lot more money. Actors are about to make a whole lot more money. SAG-AFTRA, the union for actors, has recently agreed upon a new deal that is...
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Actor’s Union Calls for MORE Diversity in Hollywood

SAG-AFTRA is calling for more diversity in the film industry. The guild's President's Task Force on Education, Outreach and Engagement and SAG-AFTRA Diversity Advisory Committee approved a statement in a joint meeting on Feb. 3...

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