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Coronavirus: Hollywood Calls for New COVID-19 Relief Package

The Motion Picture Association, SAG-AFTRA, and other organizations called for aid to help the Entertainment industry. As the Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread across America, Hollywood is asking lawmakers to create new legislation to save...

Coronavirus: Hollywood Unions Publish Guidelines for Productions

Hollywood unions publish safety guidelines for TV shows and films Hollywood union's released a detailed Coronavirus COVID-19 guidelines for TV and films expected to follow in the next few months as the film industry returns...
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SAG-AFTRA Sees Many Actors “Safe-Spacing” At Home For Months

SAG-AFTRA Foundation says he sees many performers not working for a few more months due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. SAG-AFTRA Foundation president Courtney B. Vance offered a message of hope during one of his...
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Coronavirus Casting Scam Hits the TV and Movie Industry

A Coronavirus casting scam has been looking for actors to audition for videos and share their passport information for a fake fashion show in Paris. “We find it appalling that someone would use this global...
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SAG-AFTRA Disaster Fund is Supporting Actors During the Hollywood Shut Down

SAG-AFTRA Foundation COVID-19 Disaster - here's everything you need to know. The SAG-AFTRA Foundation reports many actors and other union members are asking for assistance during this industry’s coronavirus shutdown. The Foundation says in response...
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Hand Doubles Casting Call in Los Angeles

Casting call for hand doubles in Los Angeles, California. Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming on March 2nd in Valencia, California. Producers are seeking the following types: #1...

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