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Project Casting

20 Actors Hanging Out with their Stand-Ins

Check out these 20 actors hanging out with their photo doubles and stand-ins. A stand-in for film and TV is a person who substitutes for the actor before filming, for technical purposes such as lighting...
Project Casting

Rupert Grint: I Didn’t Want to Kiss Emma Watson in ‘Harry Potter’

Actor Rupert Grint didn't want to kiss Emma Watson in Harry Potter.  While millions of fans around the world would do nearly anything for a chance to kiss Hermoine Granger, but Rupert Grint was not one...
Project Casting

[WATCH] Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe Audition for Harry Potter

Watch Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint audition for roles on Harry Potter. Before Harry Potter series was turned into a billion dollar franchise, movie producers were searching across the world for the kid...

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