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The “Racist” Adam Sandler ‘Ridiculous Six’ Movie is Breaking Netflix Records

After being called "unwatchable," Netflix's Ridiculous Six movie is breaking records Over the holidays my family and I sat down by the fire and put on the new Adam Sandler movie, Ridiculous Six. But, after 15 minutes, I was forced...
Adam Sandler

Hollywood’s Latest Trend is Putting Actors on the Hot Seat

Hollywood is on edge after movie studios are accused of "whitewashing" and racist casting choices. According to a new report by THR, Hollywood is on the defensive after several petitions, protests and boycotts regarding the...
Project Casting

Adam Sandler’s ‘Ridiculous Six’ Using Make-Up To Make Extras Look Like Native Americans

Adam Sandler's 'Ridiculous Six' plans to use makeup to darken background actors skin to make them look like Native Americans. According to reports, producers have decided not to negotiate with the Native American background actors...
Project Casting

[WATCH] ‘Ridiculous Six’ Producers Tell Native Americans to Leave: “You Are Overly Sensitive”

'Ridiculous Six' producers tell Native American actors to leave if they are "overly sensitive" Adam Sandler's first Netflix movie is not going too well. Over the weekend a cell phone video emerged showing a producer...

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