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Former Red Power Ranger Charged with Killing Roommate with a Sword

Former Power Ranger, Ricardo Medina, Jr was charged with murdering his roommate with a sword. Medina played the Red Wild Force Ranger in the Fox Kids/ABC Kids TV series in 2002 and again in 2012. The...
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Power Ranger Released from Jail After No Charges Filed

Ex-Power Ranger was released from jail after no charges were filed but, the district attorney requests a further investigation. Former Power Ranger, Ricardo Medina Jr, who friends say fatally stabbed his roommate in self-defense was...
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Former Power Ranger Arrested for “Murdering roomate with a sword’

Former star of Power Rangers Samurai was arrested for 'murdering roommate with a sword'. Ricardo Medina Jr, 37, allegedly stabbed his roomate in the stomach on Saturday. The actor played the Red Ranger on TV...

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