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President Obama Jokes About Donald Trump on the ‘Tonight Show’ [VIDEO]

President Obama is not holding back when it comes to the upcoming election. Obama recored an interview for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and clips were released ahead of the Thursiday airing and the...
Donald Trump Documentary

Donald Trump Bashes President Obama for Watching Star Wars [VIDEO]

Donald Trump isn't too happy with President Obama and Star Wars Donald Trump does not support President Barack Obama's political decision. No, we are not talking about ISIS, or immigration, or even a tax plan. Donald...
David Spade

David Spade Bashes President Obama Reality TV Show Appearances

David Spade thinks President Obama's reality TV show appearances are "thirsty." Joe Dirt was not too happy about the recent episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls featuring Barack Obama, saying he "thought a president should have...
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[WATCH] President Obama Reads Mean Tweets on ‘Kimmel’

Watch President Obama read all of the mean Tweets people have posted about him on 'Kimmel'. Jimmy Kimmel has come through to provide one of the best installments in the Mean Tweets series. President Obama...
Project Casting

Obamas’ First Date Movie Coming Soon

Production for the Obamas' first date movie is ramping up production and scheduled to film in Chicago, Illinois. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's first date is being turned into a movie. According...
Project Casting

Walking Dead Actress Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Mailing Obama Ricin

Shannon Guess Richardson an actress featured on 'The Walking Dead' was sentenced to 18 years in prison after mailing President Barack Obama ricin. An actress who was featured on "The Walking Dead" and "The Blind Side"...
Project Casting

President Obama’s Daughter Works On Set of Halle Berry TV Series ‘Extant’

The first daughter, Malia Obama was spotted working as a production assistant President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's oldest daughter might just be working her way into Hollywood. Malia Obama, who turns 16 on July...

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