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The End

Georgia’s Proposed Anti-Abortion Law Could Destroy Their Film Industry (REPORT)

The Writer's Guild of America calls out Georgia politicians putting the future of the film industry, billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs on the line. Georgia's film industry is on fire. The...
Donald Trump

US-China Trade War Hits Hollywood’s Film Industry

The United States and China trade dispute is bleeding over to affect Hollywood's film industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, Chinese regulators have significantly slowed down the approval process for independent movies imported from...
Project Casting

Disney Threatens To Boycott Georgia if Anti-Gay Bill Becomes a Law

Is this the end of Georgia's film industry? In what may singlehandedly drastically cripple Georgia’s film industry, Walt Disney Co. is threatening to no longer film in the state of Georgia if an anti-gay bill...

‘Clueless’ Actress Stacey Dash to run for Congress in California

Stacey Dash is running for Congress in California. Stacy Dash, the actress and former conservative commentator for Fox, filed the paperwork on Monday to run in California's 44th district. While Dash has not issued a...
Leonardo DiCaprio - How to Become an Actor

The New Tax Bill Could See Actors’ Taxes “Almost Quadruple”, Study Finds

How will the new GOP tax bill affect actors and filmmakers in the film industry? A new report by The Hollywood Reporter conducted by Actors Equity shows taxes rising as much as 300% for many...
Project Casting

How Political Campaign Ads Brainwash You [VIDEO]

These are the tricks political campaign ads use to brainwash you. You can vote for whoever you want to. But, do not base your decision on who should become the leader of the free world...

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