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Kel from ‘Kennan and Kel’ Died? Find Out What Happened to Kel Mitchell

Kel is Alive and Well! The Atlantic recently interviewed Kel Mitchell from the popular series ' Kenan and Kel' on Nickelodeon. Apparently in 2006, a rumor circulated that Kel Mitchell died. It ended up not...
Project Casting

Want to work for Nickelodeon? Nickelodeon Writing Program Now Accepting Applications

Want to work for Nickelodeon? Nickelodeon is now accepting applications to their Nickelodeon Writing Program. Developed to broaden Nickelodeon’s outreach efforts, the Nickelodeon Writing Program is designed to attract, develop and staff writers with diverse...
Project Casting

Nickelodeon The Thundermans Casting Information

Nickelodeon auditions provides one of the most popular auditions, and opportunities in the entertainment industry and it is clear that they have developed one of the best ways to develop acting talents in teens....

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