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Idris Elba Reveals an Amazing Nic Cage Story and Interesting Acting Advice

Idris Elba reveals hilarious stories, interesting advice, and amazing acting tips in his recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything). Idris Elba recently went to Reddit to help promote his new movie No Good Deed by answering questions...
Project Casting

Watch: A Nic Cage and Tim Burton ‘Superman’ Movie was Almost Made [VIDEO]

Nic Cage and Tim Burton almost made a 'Superman' movie and was later canned. Production companies spend millions on projects that may seem promising but never actually make it to theaters. There was once a...
Project Casting

The Internet Goes Insane with Nicolas Cage’s Latest Outfit [PHOTO]

Nicholas Cage is a huge Guns N' Roses fan and his latest outfit definitely proves just that. Nic Cage attended a Guns N' Roses conert wearing a shirt with his face on it, a cowboy...
Project Casting

‘Left Behind’ Starring Nicolas Cage Extras Casting Call

Casting directors are now casting background extras for the upcoming feature film, Left Behind starring Nicholas Cage. According to OLV, a new feature film based on the critically acclaimed novel, Left Behind: A Novel of Earth’s...

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