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“Halloween Purge” – 29 People Shot in Chicago on Halloween

Halloween Purge - One man killed and several people injured in a deadly Halloween weekend in Chicago Many people are calling last Halloween weekend the Halloween Purge in Chicago, after 29 people were shot -...
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Netflix is Moving Forward with a New ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Series

Netflix is moving forward with a new 'Wet Hot American Summer' series. (Update: Saturday, January 10, 2015): Netflix is moving forward on a new 'Wet Hot American Summer' sequel series. According to reports, 15 years...
Project Casting

‘The Revenant’ Starring Leonardo DiCaprio Open Casting Call

Leonardo DiCaprio's next feature film, 'The Revenant' is ramping up production and casting talent to appear in the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio will star as a fur trapper who is left for dead in the wilderness of...
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Actors Always Say ‘Let Her Go’ in Movies [VIDEO]

Actors love to say 'let her go' in movies. A common theme in movie history is an innocent women that is held in distress. Whether she is being kidnapped or held hostage, women seem to...
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Author of ‘The Notebook’ is an Alleged Racist, Anti-semite and is Homophobic

The director of 'The Notebook', Nicholas Sparks is an alleged racist, anti-semite and is homophobic. According to TMZ, Saul Hillell Benjamin, the Jewish ex-headmaster of Sparks' Christian School is now suing the writer. Benjamin says he...
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66 Movies and TV Coming to Netflix this October

Coming to Netflix in October: 66 Movies and TV shows coming soon to Netflix. October is around the corner, which means there are a ton of new movies and TV shows coming to Netflix. September had...

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