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10 Crazy Movie Demands from Famous Actors [VIDEO]

10 crazy movie demands from famous actors. Becoming an actor is extremely tough. There is a lot of competition, auditions, headshots, and expensive acting classes. But, once an actor becomes an A-lister, actors may become...
Good Time Robert Pattinson

10 Actors Who Lied to Get Cast in a Huge Movie (VIDEO)

Here are famous actors who lied to get cast in a major motion picture. The film industry is incredibly competitive. Actors audition for roles and compete against dozens and sometimes thousands of actors that look...
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10 Movies That Fired The Star During Filming [Video]

The film industry can be extremely tough. When you book an acting job, you're thinking that you are guaranteed to see it through the end, and get rewarded for all of the hard work you...
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People Are Going Crazy Over The Guy Who Gets Coffee on Movie Sets

A Tumblr thread has gone viral as Internet detectives arguably the most important person in Hollywood. It all started after someone screen-shotted the rolling credits of Frozen to reveal a man named Carlos Beavides was credited with...
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5 Highest Paid Movie Roles in Hollywood

Can you guess what is the highest paid movie role in the world? You have probably heard by now the rumors about Sony allegedly offering Daniel Craig to play $150 million to reprise his role as...
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Famous Actors Reveal Their First Jobs Before Becoming Famous

Famous actors reveal the first seven jobs they had before becoming famous. Getting started in Hollywood is tough. It is not always filled with peaches and strawberries. But, it often takes working several jobs in...

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