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‘Mission Impossible’: Why Tom Cruise Does All of His Own Stunts

Tom Cruise reveals why he chose to do all of his own stunts on 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation'. Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is one fearless man. Recently, it was revealed that Tom Cruise...
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Tom Cruise Held His Breath for SIX MINUTES for a ‘Mission Impossible 5’ Stunt

If you thought Tom Cruise couldn't possibly out-do his Mission Impossible Rogue Nation A400 plane stunt, featuring Tom Cruise literally hanging from the plane as it took off, then you don't know Tom Cruise. In...
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How to Audition for a Role on Mission: Impossible 5 Starring Tom Cruise

Want a role on the new Mission Impossible 5 movie starring Tom Cruise? Learn how to audition for a role on Mission: Impossible 5 Mission: Impossible 5 is an upcoming American action spy film directed...
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‘Mission Impossible 5’ Starring Tom Cruise Now in Development and Will Film in London

Tom Cruise has returned to London to film Mission Impossible 5. Tom Cruise, the Mission Impossible actor has confirmed that the sequel will film and shoot in London. According to the Telegraph, Tom Cruise arrived in...

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