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Movie Studio Transformed Into a Shelter to Help Louisiana Flood Victims

Celtic Studios transfoms into a shelter to help Louisiana flood victims. Flooding in Louisiana has hit end-of-the-world proportions with thousands of people homeless, hundreds of homes destroyed, and dozens of children struggling to survive. But,...
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Louisiana’s Film Industry is Under Water [VIDEO]

Louisiana's film industry is completely under water. A CNN video from Sunday shows dramatic footage of Louisiana's flooding, which has been ongoing for several days and Governor John Bel Edwards declaring a state of emergency....
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Why Georgia is Going to Take Over the Film Industry

Georgia is on track to become the king of the film industry. It is hard to deny Georgia's impact on the film industry. With recent changes to Louisiana's tax incentives, many productions have jumped ship...
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8 Movies and TV Shows Now Filming in Louisiana

Here are the movies and TV shows now filming in Louisiana. The film industry in Louisiana grew largely due to the 2002 tax incentives that were aimed at attracting film and television companies. By 2006,...
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Disney-ABC Shuts Down All Productions Filming in Louisiana

Disney-ABC shuts down all productions filming in Louisiana after Gov. Bobby Jindal starts film tax credit cap. The Disney-ABC Television group has put all of their TV shows and movies filming in Louisiana on hold...
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Can Louisiana Save their Film Industry?

In an effort to save Louisiana's film industry, producers are planning a lawsuit over the new tax limits. According to WWLTV, the Louisiana Film Entertainment Association (LFEA) is preparing to challenge the constitutionality of the...

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