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Evangeline Lilly’s Audition for ‘LOST’ is INCREDIBLE [VIDEO]

Lost audition tape for Evangeline Lilly is pretty incredible. Lost premiered on ABC and became a hit TV series with millions of people watching the series every week to figure out what happened to the passengers of...
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‘Lost’ Writer Reveals The Show Was the “Lowest Point” in His Life

The showrunner, Damon Lindelof behind Lost reveals the insecurities and stress of creating Lost was the "lowest point" in his life. Many argue that Lost is one of the best shows in television history. But, in a recent interview with Entertainment...
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‘Lost’ Writer Admits That the Show Makes No Sense

A writer from 'Lost' admits that what we suspected all along, that the show makes no logical sense. Nick Santora recently stoppped by the Nerdist Writer's Panel podcast in November and the writer and executive producer of...
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‘Lost’ Producer Says the Show’s Return is ‘Inevitable’

'Lost' producer, Carlton Cuse says ABC's 'Lost' will eventually come back. ABC's Lost ended four years ago and now the producer and writer of the ABC hit TV series plans for the show to return to television,...
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ABC ‘Lost’ Spin Off Coming Soon? Execs Seem to Think So

Is a ABC Lost Spinoff coming soon? There are a ton of spin-offs on the way. Between The Walking Dead spinoff, FOX's 24 Reboot, and How I Met Your Mother spin-off it is not hard to...
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HBO TV Pilot ‘The Leftovers’ Open Casting Call in New York

Casting directors for the upcoming TV Pilot, The Leftovers are holding an Open Casting Call in New York City for extras. Central Casting, a major background casting company, is currently seeking background actors. They are...

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