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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Viral Instagram Photo Sparks Outrage

Leonardo DiCaprio could be banned from Indonesia after controversial comments go viral on social media. Leonardo DiCaprio maybe an Oscar-winning actor but, that does not make him immune to other countries' laws, rules, and regulations. Related: ...
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[Watch] Leonardo DiCaprio’s Amazing Audition for ‘The Outsiders’

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio's audition for the movie The Outsiders. Before Leonardo DiCaprio won an Academy Award for The Revenant, before he was every teenage girl's celebrity boyfriend following The Titanic, DiCaprio was an aspiring actor in Hollywood. And there's no...
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10 Actors Reveal What It’s Like Filming Sex Scenes

Here's what it's like to film sex scenes as an A list actor. While it may look amazing in the movie theater or the privacy of your own home, filming a sex scene is a...

Stacey Dash Bashes Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Speech

Stacey Dash slams Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar speech. Stacey Dash's appearance at the Academy Awards was one of the most awkward parts of the night, and now she's using her 15 minutes of fame to criticize...
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Oscars: DiCaprio’s Best Actor Win Went Viral in Seconds

Leonardo DiCaprio's best actor win went viral in a matter of seconds. The Revenant star picking up a long-awaited award led to 440,000 tweets per minute, destroying the previous mark set by Ellen Degeneres star-packed selfie from...
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How Leonardo DiCaprio Nearly Quit Acting Forever

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant, star nearly quit acting to be a performer of a very different kind. Leonardo DiCaprio maybe a famous actor now, but acting hasn't always been his passion. In a 2004 interview with...

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