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Here’s How Much Joaquin Phoenix Made for ‘Joker’

Joaquin Phoenix made $4.5 million for his role in ‘Joker.’ ‘Joker’s R-rated storyline made it an international box-office hit. The movie would end up making a billion dollars in the box office. But, according to...

‘Joker’: 3 Scenes You Did Not Know Joaquin Phoenix Improvised

Here are 3 scenes you did not know Joaquin Phoenix improvised for 'Joker'. ‘Joker’ is one of the greatest movies of 2019 and Joaquin Phoenix is relishing the recognition for his execution in the DC...
Joaquin Phoenix

‘Joker’: Joaquin Phoenix is Up for a Sequel

Joaquin Phoenix is up for doing a 'Joker' sequel ‘Joker’ is one of the biggest movies of 2019 and Joaquin Phoenix is enjoying the praise for his performance in the DC movie. He has received stunning...
Joker Cast Actors

‘Joker’ Earns $234 Million At The Box Office, Despite the Controversy

'Joker' dominates the box office with $234 million. The news is in for Todd Phillip’s ‘Joker’ and despite the controversy surrounding the movie, the film rocked the box office. ‘Joker’ brought in opening weekend earnings...
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‘Joker’: Joquain Phoenix Curses Out Crew Member on Set (VIDEO)

Joaquin Phoenix cusses out crew member on 'Joker' set in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live's behind-the-scenes video clip. On Tuesday night, Joaquin Phoenix joined host Jimmy Kimmel for "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". The actor was there to promote...
Todd Phillips Joker

‘Joker’ Director Todd Phillips Discusses The Movie’s Violence Controversy

Director Todd Phillips addressed the violence controversy surrounding the “Joker” movie. He explained that they “didn’t make the movie to push buttons.” Phillips knows the film is an easy target in today’s political climate, “what’s...

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