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MacGyver Reboot is Now in Development with ‘Furious 7’ Director

MacGyver TV reboot is headed to CBS with James Wan the director of Furious 7. Following the announcement that 20th Century Fox Television was bringing back The A-TEAM, CBS is bringing back MacGyver to TV, according to reports. For those of...
Project Casting

‘Furious 7’ Director Joins ‘Mortal Kombat’ Reboot

Get ready action movie fans, James Wan is going to produce 'Mortal Kombat' reboot. For years, fans of the legendary fighting games that launched a universe of professional gamers have watched less-than-great movie adaptations of...
Project Casting

‘Furious 7’ Director Reveals the Original Ending, If Paul Walker Had Lived

'Furious 7' director reveals the original planned ending behind the feature film, if Paul Walker had not died in that tragic car accident. 'Furious 7' is a major hit at the box office. Reports suggest...

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