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Will Smith Bad Boys 3

Will Smith Shares Amazing Acting Advice: “Being Rejected Helped Me Act” (VIDEO)

Will Smith and Jaden Smith share amazing and inspiring acting advice In a press conference for Will Smith and Jaden Smith's hit movie 'After Earth,' the two actors shared their best acting tips for aspiring...

Jaden Smith Claims He Used to be a Vampire

Jaden Smith reveals he used to be a vampire. Jaden Smith has evolved beyond his traditional child acting roles. From a self-proclaimed philosopher to his drive to be one of fashion's most influential models, the...
Project Casting

Jaden Smith Reveals Why He Wears Women’s Clothing

Jason Smith explains why he wear skirts. Jaden Smith is Nylon magazine's cover star and the actor, model, and philosopher just happens to be the first man ever to cover the magazine alone. While that may not...
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Jaden Smith’s Dad, Will Smith Told Him ‘You Cannot Wear a Skirt’

Jaden Smith's dad was not too happy with him wearing women's clothing. Although Will Smith is proud of his son Jaden Smith's history of breaking conventional standards of masculinity in fashion and entertainment, the movie...

Will Smith Calls Son Jaden “Fearless” for Wearing Women’s Clothing

Will Smith reveals how he feels to see his son dress in women's clothing. Will Smith tells People that he has hands on parenting approach to his kids, so he isn't all that bothered by his...

Jaden Smith Reveals His Favorite Movie and It’s NOT What You Would Expect

Jaden Smith's favorite movie is not a Will Smith movie. I bet Kanye West is sitting right now playing all of his songs for his newborn son Saint West in hopes that his son becomes...

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