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WATCH: Robert Downey Jr’s Audition Tape for Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’

Check out Robert Downey Jr's audition for Marvel's first Iron Man movie. It’s incredible to think that over a decade ago, the Marvel Universe started with Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. starred in the movie following years...
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Marvel’s New Iron Man Is a Black Woman Sparking Controversy

Marvel fans are not too happy with a black woman playing Iron Man. Iron Woman movie coming soon? Maybe. As part of Marvel Entertainment's Marvel Now! relaunch this fall, the inventor of the Iron Man armor will...
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Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man Would Back Hillary Clinton

Robert Downey Jr says Iron Man would support Hillary Clinton. Captain America: Civil War hits theaters this weekend and Robert Downey Jr. is stepping inside the ring of another major war, the upcoming American Presidential election....
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Robert Downey Jr. Returns as Iron Man in ‘Captain America 3’

Robert Downey Jr. is expected to join the cast and crew of Captain America 3 Robert Downey Jr. will return to the big screen as Iron Man in the upcoming 'Captain America 3' movie. The...

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