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Man Caught Smuggling iPhone 6s in his Underwear

Chinese man caught smuggling Apple's iPhone 6s in his underwear. A man was caught smuggling eight iPhone 6s in his underwear. A smuggler was stopped at the Hong Kong-China border on Wednesday trying to sneak...
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New iPhone 6s Will Bend in Your Pocket

Keeping an iPhone 6 in your pocket may cause your phone to bend. Reports from consumers say that keeping an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can cause the body of the phone to warp...
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6 Things You Should Know About the iPhone 6, Apple Pay and Apple Watch

Everything You Should Know About the iPhone 6, Apple Pay and Apple Watch Apple unveils new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the new iPhone 6 on Thursday. “Today,...
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Reddit Bans the Center of the Nude Leaks, “TheFappening”

Reddit bans the center of the Celebrity nude leaks. The Reddit page that featured links to all of the celebrity nudes leaked last week has now been banned by Reddit. The "sub-reddit" titled, /r/thefappening, now...
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iPhone 6 Dangerous? Apple Denies Breach in Nude Celeb Leak

Apple Denies iCloud Security Breach is the reason why Hollywood celebrity photos leaked. The father of the iPhone claims there is no security issues and that its online storage system has not been breached following...

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