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How to Audition for a Speaking Role on ‘Independence Day 2’

Learn how to audition for a principal role on Independence Day 2. Production for Independence Day 2 is ramping up production. That means producers, studio executives and casting directors are now casting for the upcoming...
Project Casting

‘Independence Day 2’ Cast Will Smith’s Replacement

'Independence Day 2' cast Will Smith's replacement and he's a relatively unknown actor. 'Independence Day 2' is ramping up production and producers are looking beyond the overrated actor, Will Smith. According to Variety, Independence Day 2...
Project Casting

Independence Day Sequels Coming Soon

Fox is moving forward with an Independence Day sequel. According to reports, 20th Century Fox just gave a green light to the Independence Day sequel. The movie is expected to production in May, and the...
Project Casting

Will Smith will Not Return for ‘Independence Day’ Sequel

The "Independence Day" sequel has had two working scripts. One with Will Smith and the other without him. The 1996 feature film was a box office hit, making over $817 million dollars worldwide and winning...

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