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[WATCH] Hollywood’s Top 5 Method Actors

Here are the top 5 method actors in Hollywood! Very Few actors are willing to follow the most rigorous acting methods. Even though this technique makes more credible performances, it demands the artist to get...
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Heath Ledger Was Going To Play The Joker In Another ‘Batman’ Movie

Heath Ledger passed away six months before the release of The Dark Knight, the movie that won him an Oscar for his performance as the Joker. There have been rumors that Ledger would have...
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Heath Ledger’s Father Reveals His Son’s Last Words

Heath Ledger's father reveals his son's final words before he died. In 2008, the tragic passing of Heath Ledger shocked the world. At 28 years old, not only was his death totally unexpected but it...
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Heath Ledger’s Family Hint a Possible Biopic Coming Soon

Heath Ledger's family hints a possible biopic movie is coming soon. Heath Ledger's father Kim has spoken out about the heartbreak he and his family continue to feel about the sudden and tragic death of...
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How Heath Ledger Became The Joker with This Secret Diary

Learn how Heath Ledger got into character of the Joker by using a secret diary. Many people believe that Heath Ledger's dedication to immersing himself into the role of the Joker led him to his...
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Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals How Heath Ledger’s Death Changed His Acting Career

Jake Gyllenhaal reveals how Heath Ledger's death changed his life and his view on Hollywood. Jake Gyllenhaal recently visited NPR's "Fresh Air" to discuss his new movie, 'Southpaw,' but the conversation quickly turned to the death...
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10 Things I Hate About You Movie Script

Project Casting links to a growing library of free, downloadable scripts, television scripts, movie scripts, screenplays, and perhaps a few soon-to-be-released movies. Project Casting is the ultimate screenwriters, Training Actors, and fan's resource. // // 10 Things I Hate About You Movie Script 10 Things I...

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