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Lindsay Lohan’s Lawsuit Against GTA 5 is Heating UP

Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against GTA V is heating up. Despite Lindsay Lohan's history in court, a new lawsuit may make theĀ Mean GirlsĀ star a millionaire once again. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan has brought a lawsuit...
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Rockstar Games is Pissed with BBC Over the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Movie

Rockstar Games is suing to stop the BBC movie about 'Grand Theft Auto'. A few weeks ago BBC announced that Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe will star in the feature film. But, now the 'Grand Theft...
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Daniel Radcliffe to Star in ‘Grand Theft Auto’ TV Series

BBC confirms 'Grand Theft Auto' will star Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter). According to reports, BBC will feature Harry Potter as the leading actor in the upcoming 'Grand Theft Auto' TV series. Radcliffe will play Sam...
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‘Grand Theft Auto’ TV Series Coming Soon

BBC is planning on creating a TV drama about the creation of the 'Grand Theft Auto' Series. There are a ton of bad movies and TV shows centering on video games, but not too many...
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The 66 New Movies Added to Netflix on January 1st

Thanks to the great folks on Reddit, here is the list of the 66 new movies Netflix added on January 1st. As you may recall Netflix removed a ton of movies from their streaming collection...

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