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A ‘Gone Girl’ Sequel Maybe Coming Soon

A 'Gone Girl' sequel may be in the works. 'Gone Girl' is a thriller film directed by David Fincher andadapted by Gillian Flynn from her 2012 novel of the same name. 'Gone Girl' stars Ben Affleck,...
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‘Gone Girl’ Dominates Box Office for Second Weekend in a Row

'Gone Girl is the number one movie in America for two weeks in a row! The new Dracula Untold movie nearly beat the David Fincher movie, 'Gone Girl' over the weekend with a shocking $23.5...
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‘Gone Girl’ Cast Had to do At Least 50 Takes Per Scene [Video]

Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry, David Fincher and Neil Patrick Harris reveal details behind the movie 'Gone Girl'. In a recent interview with the cast and crew of 'Gone Girl', Neil Patrick Harris revealed what it...
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Loved ‘Gone Girl’? Here’s an Amazing Visual Essay of Director David Fincher

Can't get enough of David Fincher's 'Gone Girl'? Here's an incredible video essay on the filmmaking style of David Fincher. Tony Zhou has created an amazing visual essay examining the work of the director of...
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‘Gone Girl’ Author, Gillian Flynn is Moving to TV with HBO ‘Utopia’ Series

Gillian Flynn is leaving 'Gone Girl' behind and moving to TV with David Fincher's 'Utopia' TV series Gone Girl did amazing this weekend earning an 87% approval rating on Rotten Tomato and making $37 million...
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Ben Affleck’s Mysterious Smile Landed Lead Role in ‘Gone Girl’

David Fincher director of 'Gone Girl' reveals how he chose the lead actor in his latest thriller. David Fincher best known for his cult-classic movie, 'Fight Club' revealed how he found his lead actor in...
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Best Ben Affleck Performance Yet? Watch Ben Affleck’s New Trailer for “Gone Girl”

"I did not kill my wife," Ben Affleck says as he portrays Nick Dunne at the very end of the new "Gone Girl" trailer. "Gone Girl" is David Fincher's version of Gillian Flynn's best selling...

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