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Atlanta Launches Paid Movie Industry Job Training Program

City of Atlanta Entertainment Program- Atlanta launches a new paid film job training program Georgia has one of the biggest film industries in the world. With states like Los Angeles and New York competing with...
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How Georgia Stole Two Movies from Florida’s Film Industry

Thanks to Georgia's tax incentives, Georgia has just landed another motion picture that was supposed to be set in another state. According to The Tampa Tribune, Florida has lost to Georgia for the rights to film...
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How the Georgia Film Academy will Transform Georgia’s Film Industry

Georgia Film Academy is on track to build a powerful workforce for Georgia's growing film industry. While other states are trying to figure out to how to get more funding for their failing film industry,...
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Why Georgia is Going to Take Over the Film Industry

Georgia is on track to become the king of the film industry. It is hard to deny Georgia's impact on the film industry. With recent changes to Louisiana's tax incentives, many productions have jumped ship...
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Film Academy Launches New Free Program for Georgia’s Growing Film Industry

Open Rivers Film Academy launches free training program for Georgia film industry. Are you looking for a job in the growing Atlanta entertainment industry? Well Open Rivers Film Academy, based at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in...
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Georgia’s TomorrowWorld Called the Music Festival “From Hell”

TomorrowWorld is now labeled the music festival "from hell". Thousands of festival-goers were left stranded at TomorrowWorld and forced to sleep on top of cars and in wet muddy grass. Organizers of the event offered refunds for...

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