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How Black Market Butt Injections are Killing Aspiring Models

Underground cheap butt injections are killing aspiring models. A beauty shop in Georgia is basically giving away Brazilian butt lifts, for $98 on Groupon. It's a good deal, if you don't mind the possibility of medical...
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Georgia’s Film Industry Faces Major Film Crew Shortage

Georgia's growing film industry is facing a major up hill battle, as new report suggests that there is a major crew shortage. According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a huge demand for crew...
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Georgia’s Film Industry: Over 200 Productions Filmed in 2015

Georgia's film industry is now ranked 3rd in the world. With over 30 movies and TV shows currently filming in Georgia, it is hard to deny that Georgia has one of the biggest film industries...
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The Georgia Film Academy To Start Classes this January

The Georgia Film Academy will open their doors in less than three months. Recently, Gov. Nathan Deal announced his plans to establish the Georgia Film Academy to help support the growing demand of Georgia's growing...
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Why Georgia’s Film Industry is In Serious Trouble

Australia is slowly taking over the film industry. First it was Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, followed by Marvel's Thor, then it was the Alien reboot and now King Kong will film in Australia. It was announced on Monday that the new King Kong movie, Skull...
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Is Thor 3 No Longer Filming in Atlanta?

The next Thor and Alien movies will begin filming in Australia next year, according to a press release by the Australian government. Australia just gave 20th Century Fox as well as Walt Disney's Marvel Studios...

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