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Filming in Georgia

5 TV Shows and Movies Filming in Georgia in July

Georgia is quickly taking over the TV and film industry. Here are the 5 movies and TV shows filming in Georgia this July 2020. The Coronavirus has shaken up Georgia's film industry. That said, Georgia's...
georgia film tax credits

Georgia Film Tax Credit Program is “Ideal for Fraud”, Report Finds

Georgia film tax credits program lacks oversight and creates fewer jobs than originally reported, a new state audit finds. A Georgia state audit found the lack of oversight into Georgia's tax credit for movie and...
Project Casting

STUDY: California’s Film Industry Can Not Compete with Georgia

A new study suggests California filming incentives are not enough to compete with other states and countries. According to a new report by the Los Angeles Times, California taxpayers pay out $330 million each...

TV Showrunner is Calling for TV Shows To Boycott Georgia’s Film Industry

TV showrunner Ben Wexler took to Twitter to bash the Georgia state senate after they passed a bill that would allow adoption agencies to refuse to place children in same-sex couple households based on...
Project Casting

‘Midnight Rider’ Director Wants Early Release from Georgia Jail

'Midnight Rider' director wants to get released early from jail after serving less than a year. The movie director sentenced to jail for the on-set death of camera assistant Sarah Jones asked a Georgia judge...
Project Casting

How The Hunger Games Boosted Georgia’s Economy

The Hunger Games has not only launched the career of Jennifer Lawrence it seriously boosted Georgia's economy. According to WSBTV, after three of the four movies in the feature film series were filmed in Georgia, The...

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