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New York City Casting: Hair Commercial Casting Call for REAL People

Casting directors are now casting women ages 25 to 35 for a haircare ad campaign. Producers are looking for real women who experience dry scalp or dance drift. Casting directors are searching the New...
Project Casting

National Jewelry Commercial Casting Call for Moms

Genuine Casting is looking for real mothers and their millennial-aged children to work on a video project for a National Jewelry chain.  Casting directors are looking for moms that are willing to share a real story...
Project Casting

BMW Commercial Casting Call for Entrepreneurs

Geniune Casting is now looking for people who are real entrepreneurs. Casting directors are looking for people that fit the following descriptions: • Do you have a brilliant startup idea you want to put to the...
Project Casting

Pharmaceutical Commercial Casting Call for Real Patients

Geniuine is now casting patients to be featured in a pharmaceutical commercial. The commercial features real people who have been diagnosed with a challenging condition and are willing to share their story, perhaps providing hope...
Project Casting

American Express Commercial Casting Call for Entreprenuers

American Express commercial casting call for entrepreneurs. Genuine Casting is looking for entrepreneurs to work on an American Express commercial. Producers are looking for real local business owners from Austin, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles,...
Project Casting

Stouffer’s Commercial Nationwide Open Casting Call for Couples

Genuine Casting is looking for young couples to work on a Stouffer's commercial. Producers are looking for millennials with a wide diverse group of friends and moving into a home or apartment together. This is for...
Project Casting

Commercial Atlanta Casting Call for College Football Fans

Commercial casting call for college football fans. GENUINE Casting is now casting for a video project for a major tire company featuring fans of college football. Casting directors are looking for passionate fans between the...

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