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Atlanta Filmed ‘Furious 7’ is the Most Mistake-Filled Movie of 2015

Atlanta filmed Fast & Furious 7 called the most mistake-filled movie of the year. MovieMistakes.com, a website that posts mistakes in more than 8,000 movies, claims that Furious 7 features 41 mistakes including continuity mistakes, factual errors, and several...
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Vin Diesel Was a Really “Difficult” On Set of ‘Furious 7’

Vin Diesel was a real jerk on set of 'Furious 7' and making it difficult to for production to start on 'Furious 8' Following the death of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, quickly became the face...
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Why Stores Are Running Out of Corona All Thanks to ‘Furious 7’

Corona is now the biggest imported beer in the United States because of 'Furious 7'. When Corona became partners with producers of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise, they probably expected sales to increase slightly. But,...
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Vin Diesel Breaks Down Crying Singing a New Song for Paul Walker

Vin Diesel loves to tell people how much he misses Paul Walker. It is either a publicity stunt or Vin Diesel's way of expressing himself. Recently, the 'Furious 7' star walked into a recording studio...
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IT’S OFFICIAL: ‘Fast and Furious 8’ is Coming Soon

Get ready 'Fast and Furious 8' is coming soon to theaters. 'Furious 8' will hit theaters on April 14, 2017 according to reports. Vin Diesel confirmed to an excited crowd at Universal's CinemaCon panel in...
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‘Furious 7’ Stunt Crew is Pissed: We Didn’t Get Any Credit!

The 'Furious 7' stunt crew is pissed with Universal Studios for not getting credit. According to TMZ, 2nd unit stunt crew were not featured in the credits of 'Furious 7'. Sources directly connected with production tell...


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