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‘Friends’ Co-Creator Apologizes for the Show’s Lack of Diversity

'Friends' co-creator Marta Kauffman apologizes for the show's lack of diversity.  Kauffman took part in an all-female showrunner panel for the virtual ATX TV Festival alongside Robin There, Liz Feldman, and Julie Plec. During the...
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Courtney Cox Says She Doesn’t Remember Working on ‘Friends’

Courtney Cox says she forgets even working on ‘Friends’. The actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, where she explained she does not remember much about playing the character, Monica Geller. “I don’t remember even being...
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Here’s How Much the Cast of ‘Friends’ Makes Every Year Off Residuals

The cast of Friends still makes a tremendous amount of money even though the show ended over a decade ago. According to a report by Marketplace, the cast started receiving syndication residuals once the show...
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‘Friends’ Fans Bash This Background Extra Acting Skills [VIDEO]

Everyone is trying to figure out what this Friends background extra is chewing on. On Wednesday, comedian Nick Turner noticed something peculiar going on with one of the background extras in an episode of Friends. The...
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Matt LeBlanc: I Had a “Nervous Breakdown” after ‘Friends’

Matt LeBlanc almost had a "nervous breakdown" after 'Friends' To millions upon millions of people, Matt LeBlanc will always be Joey Tribbiani, our favorite wannabe actor from Queens. But, much like his fellow co-star Matthew Perry,...
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Matthew Perry: Drug Abuse Ruined My Memory of ‘Friends’ for Several Years

Matthew Perry revealed that his memory of Friends is an extreme blur after years of substance abuse. When asked what was his least favorite episode of the hit NBC comedy Perry said: "Oh, my goodness. I...
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[WATCH] Banned ‘Friends’ Scene NBC Does Not Want You To See

A deleted scene from the hit NBC series has gone viral years after it was posted on YouTube. In the viral video, Chandler and Monica (portrayed by Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox) are on the way...
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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about ‘Friends’

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the hit NBC television series 'Friends'. That is an entire decade since the world said goodbye to the group of friends in apartment 20. The show had many...

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