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Does ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Have a Serious Ratings Problem?

Fear The Walking Dead may have a serious ratings problem. Sunday night's Fear The Walking Dead season 2 premiere ratings have hit a series low and it was the first episode of the season. Related: Here’s the Reason Why ‘Fear...
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Here’s the Reason Why ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Will Film in Mexico

Fear the Walking Dead will film in Mexico. As production starts on the second season of Fear The Walking Dead, AMC has announced that a large majority of season 2 will be filmed in Mexico. Season one was set...
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‘Empire of the Dead’ – AMC Picks Up ANOTHER Zombie Series

'Empire of the Dead' AMC is now developing another zombie series to add to the network. George Romero's Empire of the Dead, which is based on the cult classic horror director's zombie comic book series set...
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Ratings Finally Increase on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Ratings for Fear the Walking Dead finally increase after several disappointing weeks. After seeing the overnight rating declines of nearly 20 percent after the first episode, 12 percent after the second episode, and after losing another 500,000...
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‘Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462’ to Air this Fall

AMC to launch 'Fear The Walking Dead' zombie airplane web series this fall. Last month, word spread that AMC was planning on bringing a standalone episode of Fear the Walking Dead to the public. Presented in the...
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Ratings Drop Over 30% on ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Ratings for Fear The Walking Dead continue to slip. Fear the Walking Dead maybe in trouble. On Sunday night, Fear the Walking Dead was the second highest-rated show on television, behind only the return of Sunday Night Football. However, the ratings for Fear...

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