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JetBlue Passenger Forced to Change After Wearing This

A JetBlue passenger was forced to change after crew decided her shorts were too short. There may not be an official dress code for flights, but that doesn't mean you can get away with wearing...
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Looking for a Job? Kim Kardashian Pays Her Stylist $1 Million Dollars

Kim Kardashian pays her stylist $1 million dollars per year. Kim Kardashian is currently the queen of fashion and social media. With millions of social media followers, anything she does quickly goes viral. But, behind...
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Jaden Smith’s Dad, Will Smith Told Him ‘You Cannot Wear a Skirt’

Jaden Smith's dad was not too happy with him wearing women's clothing. Although Will Smith is proud of his son Jaden Smith's history of breaking conventional standards of masculinity in fashion and entertainment, the movie...
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How to Join Hollywood’s Elite Fashion Stylist Industry

You can now take classes to become a fashion stylists. Do you dream of dressing Hollywood's biggest A-listers? Do you have a dream of showing off your fashion designing skills on Instagram with Rihanna wearing...
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Study: Men Spend More Money on Clothes Than Women

A new study reveals that men spend more per month on clothing and accessories than women. WWD reports that The Boutique @ Ogilvy found men spend an average of $10 more per month on fashion...
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Kanye West on Fashion: I Am Being Discriminated Against for “Not Being Gay”

Kanye West is blasting the fashion industry for being heterophobic. Kanye West feels that he is being discriminated and not for being black but for "not being gay" Well this is not something you hear...

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