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‘Fantastic Four’ Director Says Studio Stopped Him From Casting Black Actress

'Fantastic Four' director says he wanted to cast a black actress for the role of Sue Storm in the 2015 feature film. However, the studio said no. The director recently had an interview with 'Geeks...
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How ‘Fantastic Four’ Ruined an Actor’s Movie Career

Fantastic Four ruined this actor's movie career. The drama for the superhero drama seems like it's getting worse and worse. After the reported $60 million loss for Fox, a public dispute between the cast and the director,...
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Marvel Now Has Rights Back to the ‘Fantastic Four’ Franchise

Marvel and Fox have agreed to give the 'Fantastic Four' rights back to Marvel. According to reports, Marvel and Fox have decided to settle the TV rights for X-Men, giving Fox the okay to make two...
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‘Fantastic Four’: Josh Trank and Miles Teller Fight On Set

Josh Trank, director of 'Fantastic Four' nearly got into a fist fight with Miles Teller. Months before 'Fantastic Four' hit theaters, there were rumors of trouble on set of 'Fantastic Four.' Fox's latest attempt to...
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‘Fantastic Four’ Director Told Actors When to Breathe During Takes

'Fantastic Four' director wouldn't let the actors act while filming the 'Fantastic Four' reboot. The latest 'Fantastic Four' movie is a major flop of epic proportions. Many news outlets have been trying to figure out...
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Will Fox Cancel ‘Fantastic Four 2’?

Is 20th Century Fox going to cancel 'Fantastic Four 2'? If you haven't heard, the reboot of 'Fantastic Four' is an absolute failure. Critically, Fox's second attempt at creating a major superhero franchise out of...

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